Meaning of situational in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɪtjʊˈeɪʃən(ə)l/


  • 1Relating to or dependent on a set of circumstances or state of affairs.

    ‘team members need situational awareness to anticipate needs’
    • ‘their illnesses were largely situational’
    • ‘Simply to ask someone why they think a particular brand is best may completely overlook situational motivations.’
    • ‘Throughout the play, there are examples of situational irony.’
    • ‘With young singers, I am much easier, more understanding of situational limitations, emotional vicissitudes.’
    • ‘Our very minds are 'fields of identity in the situational structure of human existence'.’
    • ‘Like a balance sheet, a situational analysis provides a picture of where your business stands today.’
    • ‘The central point for writing a history of the new woman is that the referent proved conditional, situational yet nonetheless tangible.’
    • ‘Experience has shown that at times mathematical truths are not situational truths.’
    • ‘The music is always situational, yet the film has a substantial soundtrack.’
    • ‘Trait theory and notions of leadership style ignore situational variables.’
    • ‘The inputs to the decision process are the range of psychological, sociological, economic, and situational factors.’
  • 2Relating to the location and surroundings of a place.

    ‘the situational aspect of homes’
    • ‘As they demonstrated in their now classic study, the situational location of the individual can introduce conflicting cross-pressures.’
    • ‘This map system includes a sophisticated model based on position history, situational knowledge, and visibility.’
    • ‘The consideration of situational factors is a relevant feature for map-based mobile systems aimed at real-world use.’
    • ‘Situational circumstances may impose additional constraints such as audio output being inappropriate in a church.’
    • ‘Situational factors gain importance, as the affordances of the environment strongly influence the way in which the user interacts with a device.’
    • ‘The situational location of the nurse is ideal for overall coordination of patient care and responsibility.’
    • ‘Physicians, who in theory held control, were poorly located from a situational standpoint to exercise it effectively.’
    • ‘This notion allows us to explore the physical/situational location as well as metaphorical/social aspects of literacy events and practices.’
    • ‘The situational (location), contextual (meal, occasion) and extrinsic product factors (price, convenience) cue the extrinsic experiences in product evaluation.’
    • ‘Our experience of emplacement is one of understanding our situational location.’