Meaning of sitzfleisch in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪtsflʌɪʃ/


mass noun
  • 1mainly US informal A person's buttocks.

    • ‘the bedspring tattooed waffles all over my Sitzfleisch’
    • ‘But when the sitzfleisch touched the piano bench, then the air of authority was justified, and then the raw nerve of artistic sensitivity was uncovered.’
    • ‘I proudly expand my back-end, month by month, year by year, adding layers of lovely sitzfleisch.’
    • ‘It's a lot to ask of the sitzfleisch, after all.’
    buttocks, behind, backside, bottom, rear, rear end, seat, haunches, cheeks
    1. 1.1Power to endure or to persevere in an activity; stamina.
      ‘I was given tasks which required lots of Sitzfleisch, but didn't offer much excitement’
      • ‘I can't honestly imagine anyone having the sitzfleisch to wade through a 250-page comic novel by an unknown writer on the internet.’
      • ‘The good player - one who plays with positive expectation - does so because he or she plays basic, disciplined poker, has excellent concentration, and has sitzfleisch.’
      • ‘Luck, combined with what my mother called sitzfleisch, the capacity to persevere, played an overwhelming role.’
      perseverance, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, staying power, purposefulness, firmness of purpose, patience, endurance, application, diligence, sedulousness, dedication, commitment, doggedness, persistency, pertinacity, assiduity, assiduousness, steadfastness, tirelessness, indefatigability, stamina


From German, from sitzen ‘sit’ + Fleisch ‘flesh’.