Meaning of six-gun in English:



another term for six-shooter
  • ‘The central technologies were firearms, particularly the rifle and the six-gun.’
  • ‘She could handle a rifle or a six-gun with an artistry unsurpassed by that of any human being before her time or, probably, since.’
  • ‘There are 350 pages to devour, along with plenty of photos of six-guns, single shots, cowboy guns, replicas, autos and more.’
  • ‘I like fancy custom grips on six-guns, however with the heavy recoiling single shot pistol, function is much more important than form.’
  • ‘Sixteen years ago I invited a dozen men from around the country to bring two six-guns and meet with me for a week of unorganized shooting.’
  • ‘Stainless steel six-guns are subject to this as well; the breech-face just gets shinier as it wears.’
  • ‘We all know about the six-guns that seem to have an inexhaustible supply of bullets in them in many westerns.’
  • ‘It's one of the few six-guns I own never to be fired and still retains the band around the hammer.’
  • ‘Almost overnight, big-boned, N-frame six-guns like the Model 28 found themselves out of vogue, replaced by underweight versions sporting a slimmer and trimmer body.’
  • ‘Most of us can neither afford the six-guns these grips were attached to, nor the grips themselves.’
  • ‘We drove fast, in case they thought to pull out their six-guns and drill us from afar.’
  • ‘My most treasured possession was a pair of silver six-guns in a holster.’
  • ‘In 1965 I was 21 and I bought a single-action six-gun and a holster for some quick-draw.’
  • ‘They were often seen throwing themselves with gay abandon into the sights of a six-gun.’
  • ‘Having a hard time finding a quality leather field scabbard for your pet single action six-gun?’
  • ‘Jacobson fashions the dark tale as an updated western complete with six-gun showdowns and getaways on horseback.’