Meaning of six bob a day tourist in English:

six bob a day tourist


historical, informal Australian
  • An Australian serviceman of the First World War.

    • ‘whether you were a six bob a day tourist or a staff officer, the risk was the same’
    • ‘Three weeks and one day later, Oscar was on his way on the Seuvic, a happy and excited 'six-bob-a-day' tourist.’
    • ‘Some in the Australian press were convinced that the men who joined the AIF would be nothing but 'six bob a day tourists'.’
    • ‘For Australia, 416,809 men enlisted (about 13 per cent of the white male population) and 331,000 of them sailed overseas to be 'six-bob a day tourists' and to fight.’
    • ‘Anything exotic on which the six-bob-a-day tourists could spend their money was fair game, before their collective hangovers met their waiting transport.’
    • ‘Fights broke out when the soldiers were ridiculed as 'six bob a day tourists'.’


Early 20th century with reference to the soldiers' daily rate of pay.