Meaning of six feet under in English:

six feet under


  • Dead and buried.

    • ‘Sam could have reported us, but now he's six feet under, we're safe’
    • ‘Now, personally, I thought we had covered, bashed over the head, and buried this subject six feet under, but apparently not.’
    • ‘In an hour or so, he's going to be buried six feet under forever.’
    • ‘I swear if looks could kill Jane would be six feet under and rolling in her grave.’
    • ‘Now my American Dream is buried six feet under the ground.’
    • ‘She had harboured a hope that she could still get back together with Jake, but all hopes of that were dead and buried six feet under right now.’
    • ‘If looks could kill, that poor guy would have been six feet under before he even knew about it…’
    • ‘When I die, I want to be buried, in the ground, six feet under, by myself.’
    • ‘The ghosts of Bollywood just refuse to go six feet under.’
    • ‘Don't mess about with rockets and thunder or you'll end up being six feet under.’
    • ‘He could never be with me again, because he was six feet under.’
    dead, expired, departed, gone, no more, passed on, passed away