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cardinal number

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    (also xvi, XVI)
    Equivalent to the product of four and four; one more than fifteen, or six more than ten; 16.

    ‘sixteen miles east of Dublin’
    • ‘sixteen of our eighteen patients’
    • ‘They were working fifteen to sixteen hours a day and at the same time coping with the difficulties of living on a reduced benefit.’
    • ‘A total of fifteen salmon were caught by anglers ranging in age from four years to sixteen years.’
    • ‘We only have about four hundred students in all, so the most we have in a class in fifteen or sixteen.’
    • ‘He said there were sixteen to eighteen permanent nursing places waiting to be filled while staff overtime was banned.’
    • ‘Where else can you get four adorable sparkly halter tops for sixteen dollars?’
    • ‘Besides: with sixteen guests in all, and four weeks to fill, we have a pleasing numerical symmetry.’
    • ‘He estimated that the room was at least sixteen feet tall, meaning that it would take four of him to reach the top.’
    • ‘There were eight drink driving offences in the first week, twelve in the second, sixteen in the third and eighteen in the fourth.’
    • ‘Plants require sixteen nutrients to grow and produce their flowers, fruits or vegetables.’
    1. 1.1A size of garment or other merchandise denoted by sixteen.
    2. 1.2Sixteen years old.
      ‘a daughter of sixteen’
      • ‘I was married at only sixteen’
      • ‘His sixteen year old daughter stood on the porch, her arms crossed over her chest, her gaze hard and cold.’
      • ‘When the two adults arrived home, they were both met by their sixteen year old daughters.’
      • ‘He got his first job in Joyce's of Ballymoe at the age of sixteen and went into business himself some years later as a street trader.’
      • ‘Young people aged under sixteen are assigned the task of researching the identity of the place in which they live.’
      • ‘At the age of sixteen, he started to earn money from a part-time job and this gave him the chance to develop his hobby.’
      • ‘By the time Simon reached the age of sixteen he was pretty adamant that musical theatre was the route he wanted to follow as a profession.’
      • ‘When I moved out to Canada, at sixteen, everyone my age could already drive - they learnt at school.’
      • ‘They will have to be accompanied by a parent or a designated guardian over sixteen years of age.’
      • ‘For groups under sixteen years of age, boys and girls, there must be an adult in charge.’
      • ‘Girls between age nine and age sixteen undergo a series of puberty and initiation rites known as chinamwali.’
      • ‘Between ages of ten and sixteen, most young Burmese men and some young women become Buddhist novices and go to live in a monastery.’
      • ‘Almost half of all working women have children under the age of sixteen.’
      • ‘At the age of sixteen, she left the convent to marry Jimenez's father, Antonio.’
      • ‘She became a member of a traveling theater at the age of sixteen, and then found herself working as a maid for a white woman.’
      • ‘Truthfully, I didn't even know it was possible to love someone at the innocent age of sixteen.’
      • ‘At the age of sixteen her parents betrothed her to their next-door neighbor's son Ceran.’
      • ‘The auditions are open to anyone over the age of sixteen.’
      • ‘He was an exceptional student and a young writer, beginning his writing career at the age of sixteen.’
      • ‘Formal education is compulsory between six and sixteen years of age.’
      • ‘Education is required for all children between the ages of five and sixteen.’



/sɪksˈtiːn/ /ˈsɪkstiːn/


Old English siextīene(see six, -teen).