Meaning of sixth-form college in English:

sixth-form college


  • A college for pupils in their final years of secondary education, starting at the age of 16.

    • ‘He was identified as a pupil studying for his A-levels at a sixth-form college.’
    • ‘The sixth-form college has 1,400 full-time students.’
    • ‘My party leader has sent me to a local sixth-form college to apologise.’
    • ‘Some of his friends had been absent from the sixth-form college he attended for over a week with this ailment.’
    • ‘She went to sixth-form college to do A-levels, but left halfway through the course to train as a beauty therapist at a private college.’
    • ‘At the age of 16, Pegg went to South Warwickshire sixth-form college, where he took English and theatre A-levels, on a grant raised by his mother from the local parish council.’
    • ‘She met her husband at sixth-form college and married him in 1989.’
    • ‘While she was at sixth-form college in Surrey, the head of the drama department staged a show and Blunt was spotted by an agent.’
    • ‘Teachers at St David's sixth-form college in Cardiff, Wales struck on April 1 in a dispute over pay.’
    • ‘Research carried out by the educational charity, the Sutton Trust, shows that young people from state schools and sixth-form colleges are under-represented at the top 13 universities even though they would be eligible.’
    • ‘Private schools dominate the top end of the A-level tables while further education and sixth-form colleges account for most of the worst performers.’
    • ‘The film, which gives young travellers safety tips before jetting off for adventures, is being made available to sixth-form colleges across the country.’
    • ‘Some sixth-form colleges gained good results as well.’


sixth-form college