Meaning of sixth-former in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪksθfɔːmə/



See sixth form

‘‘My life was completely ripped apart on that night in May,’ said the former sixth-former at Gumley Convent School.’
  • ‘The sixth-formers at Allerton High School, Leeds, say their university careers could be threatened because of a printing error in a further maths AS level set by the exam board’
  • ‘Judy Turner, leading the research at Manchester University, has been conducting psychometric tests on hundreds of university students and sixth-formers at local schools and colleges.’
  • ‘It was hoped that sixth-formers would study four or five AS-levels, mixing the arts, humanities, languages and sciences before narrowing down their choices in the upper-sixth.’
  • ‘There is a well-established gradual decline in the numbers of sixth-formers opting for A-Level history.’
  • ‘Around 400 sixth-formers would be taught in mixed classes there.’
  • ‘Miss Wilson, a former sixth-former at Pickering's Lady Lumley's School worked behind the sandwich counter of their business Fine Foods in Pickering market place.’
  • ‘State grammar schools fear that their A-grade A - level students are losing out to less well-qualified sixth-formers from comprehensive schools as universities try to broaden their social mix.’
  • ‘More than a third of people affected came from Yorkshire and the North East, mainly sixth-formers and university students.’
  • ‘More than a quarter of sixth-formers in the leading independent girls' schools take A-level maths and almost 12% take physics.’
  • ‘He is to address 180 sixth-formers at Oundle School’
  • ‘A Swindon education leader has criticised a scheme to pay sixth-formers £30-a-week to stay on at school.’
  • ‘More than 1,200 questionnaires were distributed by 20 sixth-formers from Fulford Comprehensive School.’
  • ‘The school achieved record A-Level results last year, and 11 of its sixth-formers went to Oxford or Cambridge.’
  • ‘The eight girls, who are all sixth-formers at the school, have beaten some tough teams in the past few years.’
  • ‘Anita, a sixth-former from Pimlico school in west London, said: ‘Kids want to be heard.’’
  • ‘A sixth-former from a York school has been selected from thousands of applicants from 36 countries to take part in a major student conference in the USA.’
  • ‘After a sixth-former at Easingwold School was confirmed to have the illness in April last year, all staff and everyone in the sixth form were offered screening.’
  • ‘It was Dallam School sixth-former Tom Salter who stole the show with three excellent wins over experienced opponents.’
  • ‘Year 6 pupils at Hayes Primary School in Bromley attended sessions run by Hayes Secondary School sixth-formers, preparing them for transfer to secondary school.’