Meaning of sixth form in English:

sixth form


  • The two final years at school for students between the ages of 16 and 18 who are preparing for A or AS levels.

    • ‘I am very relieved for her sake that there is still time for the new sixth form curriculum to be sorted out.’
    • ‘I used to know a teacher who took a couple of her sixth form students out in the car at lunchtime for a sly cigarette.’
    • ‘Now, reports the Times & Citizen, a sixth form student was jailed for six years on Monday.’
    • ‘Students in the sixth form hope to raise even more by staging an event like a rock concert at the school.’
    • ‘In his Lancashire blazer he looks more like a sixth form student than a county cricketer.’
    • ‘The sixth form was a joint one with the local boys grammar school and suddenly our classes were filled with males!’
    • ‘I went to a modest-sized grammar school with a sixth form rather than a huge, impersonal comprehensive.’
    • ‘In the sixth form I attended it was patently obvious that the majority of girls were considerably more mature than the boys.’
    • ‘Interactive white boards have replaced the old blackboards and a new sixth form area has been created for older students.’
    • ‘My sixth form tutor gave me days off to help on rescue excavations.’
    • ‘It is claimed that as students don't wear uniform in the sixth form it is hard to identify intruders.’
    • ‘For many students sixth form study and university application is a bit of a conveyor belt.’
    • ‘My son is making choices about the subjects he will study in the sixth form.’
    • ‘He said she left the sixth form at the school at Christmas to pursue a career in the Army.’
    • ‘As well as teaching history and careers he was also head of the sixth form.’
    • ‘In the sixth form, the close group of school-friends began to fragment as their A Level subjects diverged.’
    • ‘The money will go towards the sixth form graduation ball in June.’
    • ‘Girls are topping the sixth form league tables in Greater Manchester.’
    • ‘In schools such as Sutton Grammar, where a dress code operates in the sixth form, everyone knows where they stand.’
    • ‘Teaching overall is now rated unsatisfactory for Years 7 to 11 but good in the sixth form.’


sixth form