Meaning of sixty-fourth note in English:

sixty-fourth note


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North American Music
  • A hemidemisemiquaver.

    ‘While it is refreshing to see the rhythms left gracefully intact, they include micro-divisions of thirty-second and sixty-fourth notes, not rhythms with which the average beginner is terribly familiar.’
    • ‘The tick value is one sixty-fourth of the total duration of a measure, or a sixty-fourth note in musical terms.’
    • ‘It is only a sixty-fourth note short of full value!’
    • ‘I take two or three notes and play them as fast as I can, using thirty-second notes and sixty-fourth notes.’
    • ‘Here, I think, it is unnecessary to make a clear contrast between the thirty-second and sixty-fourth notes, but treat them as ten roughly equivalent notes that start slowly and then get slightly faster.’