Meaning of sjambok in English:



  • (in South Africa) a long, stiff whip, originally made of rhinoceros hide.

    • ‘The police used tear gas and sjamboks to break up the crowd.’
    • ‘He was beaten by 16 youths carrying hammers, axes, sticks and sjamboks, and suffered severe head injuries.’
    • ‘The officers, armed with batons and sjamboks, struggled to control the horde.’
    • ‘The men, who were armed with spears and sjamboks, refused to identify themselves.’
    club, stick, cudgel, bludgeon, life preserver, shillelagh, baseball bat

verbsjamboks, sjambokking, sjambokked

[with object]
  • Flog with a sjambok.

    ‘she was sjambokked because she was thought to have been involved in witchcraft’
    • ‘He volunteered to combat looting in the chaos of the strike, and sjambokked nine people for looting.’
    • ‘The two men managed to run away and the strikers began sjambokking and hitting Grobbelaar with sticks.’
    • ‘Sithole was sjambokked and punched so severely that he could not go to work for two months.’
    • ‘They started sjambokking me and then the next thing, on the morning, round about six o'clock, the other group came in.’
    • ‘An inyanga allegedly sjambokked his stepdaughter for six hours, eventually killing her, after accusing her of stealing R40.’
    • ‘Residents of Bongweni near Mthatha sjambokked a 50-year-old man to death, apparently for stealing a drum, Eastern Cape police said on Monday.’


From South African Dutch tjambok, via Malay from Urdu chābuk.