Meaning of skeghead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskɛɡhɛd/


informal Australian
  • A surfer.

    • ‘attention skegheads: David has found the coolest beach house’
    • ‘We skegheads must stick together.’
    • ‘The only reason skegheads call us bodyboarders names like that is because people are scared of things they don't understand.’
    • ‘The scene is mainly forty-something skegheads who haven't grown up.’
    • ‘The out crop is called Manu point and it is where all the skeg heads jump from to get into the surf.’
    • ‘Klaus is keeping an eye on all of the skeg heads having a surf.’
    • ‘A trip to the supermarket saw me queuing up behind a sun-bleached blond skeg-head Aussie.’
    • ‘I've got skeg head mates down here in Vic that surf all year 'round.’
    • ‘I'm a teacher by day, board-maker by night, skeg-head by weekend.’
    • ‘Six skegheads scrambled for the beach after seeing a 1/2 meter fin.’
    • ‘This is probably not what eager skegheads want to hear, but Bondi Beach is known for its fairly inconsistent swells.’


1980s from skeg + head.