Meaning of skerrick in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskɛrɪk/


informal Australian, New Zealand usually with negative
  • The smallest bit.

    • ‘there's not a skerrick of food in the house’
    • ‘There is not a skerrick of evidence that that will happen.’
    • ‘No amount of consultancy reports will make one skerrick of difference.’
    • ‘They finished looking and left disgruntled having not found a skerrick.’
    • ‘There is not a skerrick of hope of a solution in this bill - not a hope in Hades.’
    • ‘Nobody has ever heard of that member over there doing any work at all - not a skerrick of work.’
    small portion, small piece, piece, portion, segment, section, part


Early 19th century of unknown origin. The word is also recorded as an English slang term meaning ‘halfpenny’.