Meaning of skew gear in English:

skew gear


  • A gear consisting of two cogwheels having non-parallel, non-intersecting axes.

    ‘The same shaft drove the distributor via a skew gear which in turn drove the oil pump via a long hexagonal shaft.’
    • ‘The 649 camshaft has a second skew gear on it, where the standard cam has an eccentric for a mechanical fuel pump.’
    • ‘The output shaft of the second rotational speed motor is also provided with an actuating skew gear that engages two passive skew gears.’
    • ‘It uses a plastic skew gear and cable to drive the front wheel.’
    • ‘Also supplied are the skew gears for the governor.’
    • ‘Another useful feature was the fitting of the radiator in the normal transverse position, the fan being driven by skew gears.’