Meaning of ski jump in English:

ski jump

Pronunciation /ˈskiː dʒʌmp/

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  • 1A steep slope levelling off before a sharp drop to allow a skier to leap through the air.

    ‘The two-story Hall of Fame building is a contemporary designed structure, with a sweeping, steep pitched roof that resembles a ski jump.’
    • ‘It's part ski jump, part slalom slope and pure Engh.’
    • ‘This class of carrier does not utilize a steam catapult for launching fighters but is equipped instead with a ski jump at the bow to allow short take-offs.’
    • ‘He then skied down into the Fraser Valley and across the county to the town of Hot Sulphur Springs, where he built the first ski jump west of the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘‘What we need,’ I mused, having seen the world's greatest athletes on Ski Sunday, ‘is a ski jump.’’
    • ‘But when you get a situation where the kids turn up en masse and start swimming out to the ski jump, it really is dangerous.’
    • ‘The 5,100m² flight deck is 176m in length and includes a 12° ski jump 46.5m in length.’
    • ‘Sculptures included an Olympic flame, a hockey arena (titled Hockey Night in CANada), a ski jump, and more.’
    • ‘Jet Blast Deflectors will be fitted on each runway 160m back from the bow ski jump and probably in line with the rear wall of the first island.’
    • ‘Its existing ski jump, however, was unable to cope with increasing technical demands and spectator numbers.’
    • ‘The fair, which boasts attractions including a waltzer, a high-rise dive bomber and a ski jump, usually comes to Farnworth four times a year.’
    • ‘In that year, Félix du Temple, a French naval officer, watched his steam plane race down a ski jump and sputter into the air.’
    • ‘It almost seems natural that she would design a ski jump in Austria, its form above an extension of the ramp it serves.’
    • ‘His nose was like a ski jump, only not a very high one, and it came to a wide end.’
    • ‘Le Praz is a pretty village with a lake and the unmissable site of the ski jump used in the 1992 Winter Olympics.’
    • ‘Her nose looked like a mini ski jump and her lips were thick and covered in a dark pink.’
    • ‘One hopes they don't mean terracing with a gradient equivalent to that of an Olympic ski jump.’
    • ‘She took in heavenly breaths through her ski jump nose for a moment before swiping the sheets away from her body.’
    • ‘Washing dishes, for example, generates a lower wavelength than leaping off a 90-meter Olympic ski jump.’
    • ‘There are more than 200 ski jumps in Finland, and at least one can be found in most towns and villages.’
    1. 1.1A leap made from a ski jump.
      ‘From the opening ski jump off a mountain to the underwater action sequence featuring a Q converted Lotus automobile, everything about the movie is big, big and bigger.’
      • ‘Rick Sylvester donned skis for the breathtaking ski jump that has been ranked among the ten best stunts ever captured on film.’
      • ‘His patio overlooks the city and is directly across from the hill used for the ski jump in the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics.’
      • ‘After the last ski jump, place your hands on your hips and stand up with a straight spine, back to Tadasana.’
      • ‘It was no surprise when he landed last in the ski jump events, but Eddie ‘The Eagle’ had broken the personality barrier.’
      • ‘Another time, I was in Lake Placid NY during the summer and got to see the US ski jump team training.’
      • ‘On our side of the tracks, we didn't spend a lot of time increasing our ski jump distances.’