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ski lift


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  • A system used to transport skiers up a slope to the top of a run, typically consisting of moving seats attached to an overhead cable.

    ‘Us girls went to rent some snowboards and took the ski lift up the slope.’
    • ‘The other great thing about the Winter Kit is the nice insulated backpack that just fits the H20 bladder, and doesn't get in the way on a ski lift.’
    • ‘We grabbed the snowboards and took the ski lift up.’
    • ‘The first group is waiting by the pommel bar ski lift on the nursery slope beside the Hotel du Parc.’
    • ‘She ignores me, and gets onto the next ski lift seat.’
    • ‘A woman sitting next to me on the ski lift claimed she actually skis best when she's wearing Prada.’
    • ‘He was close to the top of the slope, having just come off of the ski lift for the last time.’
    • ‘It doesn't need vehicle transport and can also go up on the ski lift with no hassle.’
    • ‘In one case a skier took off his gloves and grasped a ski lift pole with his bare hand.’
    • ‘As we ascended the mountain in the ski lift there was a lot of oohing and aahing and I guessed then that he was about to pop the question.’
    • ‘‘Jess, she just wants to go on a ski lift,’ Liam tried.’
    • ‘‘That's why you're operating the ski lift,’ Josh said, grinning.’
    • ‘A little ways away was one of the ski lift supports.’
    • ‘Since the first ski lift was built in 1959, three years after the resort opened, the Glencoe centre has been a favourite destination for British skiers.’
    • ‘I rode the ski lift the opposite way down the entire mountain.’
    • ‘Elsa sat on the ski lift and inhaled the sweet mountain air.’
    • ‘Ariyah had simply not heard it, or thought it was the ski lift.’
    • ‘I mastered the triple loop but also enjoyed the ride on the ski lift to the cabin and the warm hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows.’
    • ‘The partners wanted to build a restaurant next to the ski lift, the obvious spot since it would get the most traffic.’
    • ‘The President broke her ankle when she tried to board a ski lift in the Austrian resort of Bad Hofgastein on Christmas Eve.’