Meaning of ski mountaineering in English:

ski mountaineering


mass noun
  • The sport or pastime of skiing across mountainous terrain using equipment specially designed for walking uphill as well as skiing downhill.

    ‘exploration and adventure are really what I love about ski mountaineering’
    • ‘they spend their winters competing in ski mountaineering races’
    • ‘The higher elevation campgrounds will still be closed during the spring ski mountaineering season.’
    • ‘Hearing the ice fall randomly around us is a scary part of ski mountaineering I'd never imagined.’
    • ‘Combining the fun of downhill action with the demanding self-sufficiency of back-country travel, ski mountaineering is the ultimate winter sport for wilderness fans.’
    • ‘Ski crampons are one of the most effective devices ever invented for ski mountaineering.’
    • ‘Chris and I had been climbing together for years, and he was a big influence on my move into ski mountaineering.’
    • ‘Scotland's downhill resorts may be poor relations to their foreign cousins, but its potential for ski mountaineering is a different game altogether.’
    • ‘Arnold Lunn, who had first skied aged ten in 1898, was initially taken by straight mountaineering but soon turned to ski mountaineering.’
    • ‘After a spring of fine ski mountaineering, most backcountry skiers go into summer disguise.’
    • ‘Which ice ax to choose for ski mountaineering?’
    • ‘I can remember plenty of times, however, when the conditions during ski mountaineering have felt plenty challenging and required all the mountain sense I apply to my climbs.’