Meaning of ski touring in English:

ski touring


mass noun
  • Skiing across open country, walking uphill on skis as well as skiing downhill.

    ‘During the winter her main activities are off-piste skiing and ski touring.’
    • ‘Photographs taken by the Pigs on the Hill, a dedicated group of ski bums, show off the region's extreme backcountry trails and ski touring terrain.’
    • ‘The next winter, after I'd moved here full time, I did a ton of ski touring.’
    • ‘Even so, ski touring a short distance with that kind of load is not as bad as it sounds, since you slide your skis rather than lift them.’
    • ‘Remember, this problem only occurs after many vertical feet of ski touring.’
    • ‘But it was soon clear that such a hut was too far from what America's ski touring public was used to.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago when I was doing my ski touring, we weren't interested in going on avalanche slopes.’
    • ‘And for back-and-forth endeavors like ski touring - you're cold, then hot, then cold again - midweights split the difference.’
    • ‘Sunsets are among the many benefits of ski touring across the Greenland Ice Cap in the summer.’
    • ‘It would seem that this is the nature of the ski touring mentality: days of dogged endurance are totally eclipsed by the occasional stratospheric high.’