Meaning of skid road in English:

skid road


  • 1North American A road formed of skids along which logs were hauled.

    ‘The impetus for minimizing the length of the skid roads was considerable.’
    • ‘Ginger and I spent a day clearing some 500 feet of the old skid roads over the Memorial Day weekend.’
    • ‘The trails are old skid roads winding through young trees and offer views of the surrounding area.’
    • ‘Spur roads and skid roads may have to be reclaimed or rehabilitated if access constraints are required.’
    • ‘After moving the logs along skid roads to tide water, small teams of horses where used to form log booms.’
    • ‘Hauling 4 or 5 logs at a time over greased skid roads, the oxen muscled the timber down to the beach.’
    • ‘Arrows indicate the path of the Caterpillar as it tumbled off the skid road into the ravine.’
    • ‘Damaged trees along skid roads further detract from the visual appearance of the forest.’
    • ‘Use mulch, gravel, and/or rock if needed to help stabilize fills where roads and skid roads cross streams.’
    • ‘A turn-out directs the water off the side of the skid road, whereas a sloping turn up sheds water at its base.’
    • ‘A water-bar looks like a two - to three-foot high, diagonal speed bump built of dirt on a skid road.’
    • ‘Congregating stems beside centralized skid roads minimizes disturbance to the ground and it minimizes the need for numerous skid roads.’
    1. 1.1 historical A part of a town frequented by loggers.
  • 2North American

    another term for skid row

    ‘Although Latinos control the cocaine trade in the Downtown Eastside, officers have been vilified by advocacy groups for shaking down suspects on skid road.’
    • ‘Yet only about 3 percent of alcoholics are on skid road.’