Meaning of skilfish in English:


nounskilfish, skilfishes

  • A large fish of the North Pacific which is an important food fish in Japan.

    Erilepis zonifer, family Anoplopomatidae

    • ‘Sturgeon, Pacific cod, rockfishes, skilfish and schooling sablefish will swim above and below the tunnel.’
    • ‘The skilfish, Erilepis zonifer, is restricted to the continental shelfs and does not enter deep water.’
    • ‘It isn't actually a cod at all but a member of the skilfish family, and its white, large-flaked meat is sweet and so rich it makes salmon seem lean.’
    • ‘Sablefish is also known as Alaska cod, butterfish, coalfish, and skilfish.’
    • ‘From plain old cod, which is not true at all, to Sablefish, butterfish and skilfish, this species has a number of names.’


Late 19th century from Haida sqil.