Meaning of skill mix in English:

skill mix


(also skills mix)
  • The range of types and levels of ability of a workforce or individual.

    ‘organizations need to update the skill mix in both their marketing and IT operations’
    • ‘the required skills mix for prospective surgeons’
    • ‘A poor skill mix of midwives occurred at times in all units.’
    • ‘Workload has increased and skill mix has been diluted as the search for efficiency has turned into simple cost cutting.’
    • ‘Regardless of health care cuts, directors need to pay close attention to skill mix and quality in their organizations.’
    • ‘Incorporating gender dimensions into enrolment, curriculum, and promotion practices will illuminate new mechanisms for how academic medicine can improve the number, distribution, and skill mix of the health workforce.’
    • ‘The founding members/management teams experience base and skills mix, as illustrated in the previous section, was considered to be an invaluable resource for the firms under investigation.’
    • ‘Leaders of doctors' organisations have warned that changes in the skills mix of medical staff will not be enough to bridge a 25,000 shortfall in staff.’
    • ‘The programme addresses a real need in the skills mix across the nations and regions.’
    • ‘Improvements in the quality of care have been linked to better planning of human resources to balance skill mix, train staff, strengthen professional standards, and provide better incentives.’
    • ‘Examples of latent failures include low staffing levels with a poor skill mix, the absence of guidelines (i.e., policies and procedures), insufficient training, and equipment malfunction.’
    • ‘The degree to which teamwork involving functional flexibility can be diffused across borders will be constrained by the skill mix of the workforce and by the willingness of employees to adapt to a practice they are unused to.’