Meaning of skill set in English:

skill set


  • A person's range of skills or abilities.

    ‘The jobs are out there; you just need the skill sets.’
    • ‘To Tom, the idea was absurd; such a career detour did not match his skill set or his interests.’
    • ‘Typically, forces deployed to peace operations use different skill sets to execute required missions.’
    • ‘Graff looks for three different skill sets in his forensic investigators.’
    • ‘Choose group members with specific skill sets to accomplish your goals.’
    • ‘Some guys had better skill sets in some areas versus others.’
    • ‘Key to an architect's skill set is the ability to write.’
    • ‘Keeping yourself in the game sharpens your skill set, which ultimately makes you a better employee, even in your current job.’
    • ‘Reserve officers simply can't develop the skill sets necessary for effective command with just 39 days of training per year.’
    • ‘The skill sets needed for the two positions are very different.’
    • ‘Maybe they're in a job that has nothing to do with their real skill set.’
    • ‘I told him that I would not try to oversell my skill set.’
    • ‘I thought it was a great match for my skill sets.’
    • ‘Instead of waiting for your company to suggest training, investigate areas that would strengthen your skill set.’
    • ‘This should create job opportunities for professionals with more diverse skill sets in the future, said McGuinness.’
    • ‘Everyone discovered latent talents that weren't in their skill sets at age 25.’
    • ‘This business strategy requires a skill set very different from managing the old Six Sigma way.’
    • ‘This is an incredible skill set to have heading into the studio to record an album.’
    • ‘Agency employees are challenged by the need to have a constantly changing and refined skill set in order to meet technological demands.’
    • ‘Adding joint warfare and joint operations to their growing skill set is clearly attainable.’