Meaning of skin-to-skin in English:



  • 1Involving the contact of one person's skin with another's.

    ‘the virus can then spread to new individuals through skin-to-skin contact’
    • ‘Chlamydia is not spread by skin-to-skin contact, but instead by contact with the sexual fluids of an infected person.’
    • ‘HPV can be passed on through any type of skin-to-skin sexual contact.’
    • ‘Even kissing or skin-to-skin contact could transfer the herpes virus to someone.’
    • ‘Many incorrectly believed HIV could be transmitted through skin-to-skin touch, saliva, or by sharing glasses or cutlery. ’
    • ‘Since it is spread from skin-to-skin contact, it isn't fully prevented by condoms.’
    • ‘It is passed on via skin-to-skin contact, so a quick hug will usually not pass it on and it cannot be caught from pets.’
    • ‘Skin-to-skin genital contact is also a recognized mode of transmission. ’
    • ‘It can be caused by skin-to-skin interaction with an infected person.’
    • ‘In-game skin-to-skin transmission was suspected as opponents developed infections after playing the team.’
    • ‘Findings suggest that crowded conditions, skin-to-skin contact and possibly skin injury are playing important roles in MRSA infections in college athletes.’
    1. 1.1Denoting a method of caring for a baby, especially one who is premature, that emphasizes the importance of holding the naked or partially dressed child against the bare skin of a parent for as long as possible each day.
      ‘the research showed that babies who enjoyed lots of skin-to-skin care with their mother or father were able to go home earlier’
      • ‘The best treatment for any child going through neonatal abstinence syndrome is skin-to-skin contact with a caregiver.’
      • ‘Moms are encouraged to engage in skin-to-skin contact with their newborns within moments of their arrival.’
      • ‘This method of care is used for a quick recovery and involves a process in which infants are given skin-to-skin care from their mother.’
      • ‘We will work with the mother and her children to help encourage good practices for infant care, such as breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact.’
      • ‘It was really difficult not having that skin-to-skin time you imagine you'll get as a new mum.’
      • ‘Skin-to-skin care first started in the 1990s to help babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.’
      • ‘Oftentimes dads also enjoy the skin-to-skin bonding time with their babies.’
      • ‘He was passed straight to me for skin-to-skin bonding.’
      • ‘Early initiation of breastfeeding ensures skin-to-skin contact, which is important in preventing hypothermia.’
      • ‘We were overjoyed to be in the delivery room for the birth, to cut the cord and enjoy the all important skin-to-skin contact.’