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skin flick

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informal mainly British
  • A pornographic film.

    • ‘Violent films, he lectured, were the real pornography, not the skin flick that Dave wanted as a present.’
    • ‘Look, no one is saying that your standard skin flick is supposed to be rock solid when it comes to plotting and characterization.’
    • ‘They represent everything that the raincoat crowd ever wanted in a skin flick.’
    • ‘Frenzied moments of impulsive violence and sexuality lend the movie the sublime naughtiness of a hand-cranked skin flick.’
    • ‘After inventing the skin flick with The Immoral Mr Teas, he took infinite pains in a genre where very few pains were really required.’
    • ‘It's an audacious bit of dialogue for a cheapo skin flick starring some of the most naturally chesty gals you'll ever see in your life.’
    • ‘Ward for no apparent reason is currently seeking legal advice over a home-made skin flick which she claims they made together.’
    • ‘The depth of plot and character development are on par with your average skin flick.’
    • ‘For a long time, it looks like this early '60s skin flick will merely be an excuse to show pert particulars for untold moments of monotony.’
    • ‘But Terry soon finds there are sinister forces at work in the skin flick trade.’
    • ‘What is notable about this movie, however, isn't the plot, or lack thereof, which would just make it another lame skin flick.’
    • ‘These movies look about as good as skin flicks from the early '70s are bound to look.’
    • ‘After all, this is the man who wanted to include a birth scene in one of his skin flicks.’
    • ‘I just figured they felt that my previous career in skin flicks had little bearing on my vision for America's energy future.’
    • ‘Fifty-three performers are now on the industry's self-imposed quarantine list, barred from performing in any skin flicks until further notice.’