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skin graft


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  • 1Medicine
    A surgical operation in which a piece of healthy skin is transplanted to a new site on a patient's body or to a different individual.

    ‘Jason spent two weeks in Booth Hall Children's Hospital, Manchester, where he needed two operations, including a skin graft.’
    • ‘She will be in hospital for three days but will need at least four more operations, including reconstructive facial surgery and a skin graft on her upper lip.’
    • ‘Carl Stonehewer, the Denton-based former Belle Vue star, is facing a skin graft operation on an arm after crashing at Workington on Saturday.’
    • ‘Mrs Church died four days after a major skin graft operation at the hospital on November 2, with cause of death given as burns.’
    • ‘He was released from hospital later that day, but is still off school and will have to return to hospital for a skin graft operation.’
    • ‘Surgery would have required a skin graft, an extensive hospital stay, and significant time away from work and family-none of which interested me.’
    • ‘Ali had been due to undergo a skin graft yesterday but the surgery was delayed until later this week or early next week.’
    • ‘The procedure she had is more akin to a skin graft.’
    • ‘A successful first skin graft operation was performed on a 12-year-old Iraqi boy who lost both arms and was orphaned in a US missile strike.’
    • ‘Despite several skin graft operations, they refuse to heal.’
    • ‘She has been in hospital more than 20 times and had four skin graft operations but is still suffering.’
    • ‘Four children will have permanent scarring, although only one required a skin graft.’
    • ‘Now he is facing a skin graft and a series of operations to give him any chance of using his hand again.’
    • ‘He underwent five operations in total because the wound became infected, requiring a skin graft and stitches.’
    • ‘Two weeks later she will have her nose reconstruction and two weeks after that a skin graft.’
    • ‘She had a skin graft last Sunday on that leg and doctors are waiting to see how that takes before they perform any more surgery.’
    • ‘He then had an operation to ‘put everything back together’ and underwent a skin graft to repair his chest.’
    • ‘Jose has undergone nearly 30 surgical procedures at the Brooke Army Medical Center ranging from skin grafts to cosmetic surgery.’
    • ‘And these patients need surgery to correct this, often skin grafts are required, and these can be done during one session, during our trip.’
    • ‘Yes, sir, I've had 21 skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries from my third-degree burn over 80 percent of my body.’
    1. 1.1A piece of skin transplanted to a new site on a patient's body or to a different individual.
      ‘If a large area of tissue is removed then a skin graft might be needed to fill the ‘hole’.’
      • ‘Doctors in the U.K. believe that spraying skin cells after applying a skin graft will help burn victims recover faster and reduce scarring.’
      • ‘The expanded skin is then mobilised as full thickness skin grafts, regional advancement flaps, or free flaps.’
      • ‘He said injuries which could be treated in Bradford would include fractures which required skin cover, or skin grafts.’
      • ‘As a result, burn victims and those with otherwise damaged skin can now receive lab-grown skin grafts.’
      • ‘Tissues include corneas, bone and tendons, heart valves and skin grafts.’
      • ‘Debridement is necessary to prepare a clean healthy surface of tissue that will accept a skin graft.’
      • ‘They may also occur at skin graft harvest sites and stoma placement sites or at surgical wounds or scars.’
      • ‘Three days later, she went back into surgery so a skin graft could be taken from the top of her leg to cover the hole.’
      • ‘I was in hospital for four months and had three operations - they took a skin graft from my thighs.’
      • ‘Her right ear was burned off completely - subsequent second-rate surgery has completely covered up the orifice with a skin graft.’
      • ‘After Monday's surgery she will be having a skin graft on her eye and lip and a nose reconstruction.’
      • ‘Shallow burns are allowed to heal on their own, and full-thickness thermal injuries typically are excised and covered with a skin graft.’
      • ‘A dry eschar on the radial dorsal aspect of the hand was debrided and was covered with a split-thickness skin graft.’
      • ‘Instead, surgeons used a skin graft to cover the spot where her toes had been.’
      • ‘The lesion was too large to excise on the mobile clinic and probably would require a skin graft.’
      • ‘But if the skin graft is accepted, this is the best curative procedure.’
      • ‘Baldwin said: ‘If a burn is bigger than the size of a book cover then it is not going to heal itself, so we have to take a skin graft.’’
      • ‘They were fixing a skin graft over one of his stumps.’
      • ‘The third surgery on August 11 was intended to close the fistula and apply skin grafts to the abdominal wound.’