Meaning of skinfold in English:


Pronunciation /skɪnfəʊld/


  • A fold of skin and underlying fat formed by pinching, the thickness of which is a measure of nutritional status.

    ‘We measured subscapular and triceps skinfolds by using a Holtain skinfold caliper (Dyfed, UK).’
    • ‘Three skinfold thicknesses were measured in all patients according to standard procedures by means of a Lafayette caliper.’
    • ‘Some have suggested that the edema reaction, as determined by measuring the double skinfold thickness, provides a ready alternative.’
    • ‘The biceps skinfold thickness was measured as the thickness of a vertical fold raised on the anterior aspect of the arm, over the belly of the biceps muscle.’
    • ‘Except for a tendency to have a greater skinfold thickness, all other indicators of cardiovascular risk were remarkably similar for exposed and non-exposed.’
    • ‘Middorsal skinfold thickness was measured regularly up to 22 weeks, when the presence of multiple tumors interfered significantly.’
    • ‘Estimation of body fat by sum of skinfolds, as used for the calculation of percentage of BF in the current study, has limitations.’
    • ‘We collected new data on measurements of the skinfold at the triceps.’
    • ‘Hand skinfold thickness was not predictive of osteoporosis.’
    • ‘All four skinfolds were added together to obtain sum of four skinfolds.’
    • ‘In addition, body weight, height, and skinfold thickness were measured.’
    • ‘We estimated percentage of body fat with the sum of 3 skinfolds in accordance with the method of Jackson.’
    • ‘We measured height, weight, and body fat as the mean of five skinfolds.’
    • ‘The importance of these factors is supported by the findings that thicker skinfolds are associated with a lowered antibody response to vaccines.’
    • ‘Each month the children's weight, length, head circumference, subscapular skinfold thickness, and mid-arm circumference were measured.’
    • ‘Scapular and triceps skinfold thicknesses on the right side of the body were measured in triplicate using standard techniques.’
    • ‘I was so excited, I measured my waist and had skinfolds taken every week.’
    • ‘All four skinfolds were summed to give a combination measure of limb and trunk fat stores.’
    • ‘Underwater weighing, skinfold thickness, bioelectrical impedance and near-infrared analysis are more precise means of assessing fatness.’
    • ‘Converted to a skinfold caliper reading, Wilfork's body fat would have been about 18 percent.’