Meaning of skinhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskɪnhɛd/

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  • A young man of a subculture characterized by close-cropped hair and heavy boots, often perceived as aggressive.

    ‘And, believe it or not, they were actually quite successful for a few years in transforming racially tolerant white skinheads into violent and racist hooligans.’
    • ‘By dint of its association with racist violence, the skinhead scene occupies a special, troubling place among youth subcultures.’
    • ‘So I think the struggle hasn't really changed - just that the skinhead now has longer hair and wears a suit.’
    • ‘The BNP are the National Front skinheads with hair and new suits.’
    • ‘Of course, Chapman now states that his violent skinhead and criminal past is something that is far behind him.’
    • ‘I'm sure they'll enjoy being lumped in with racist skinheads and the terminally ill.’
    • ‘They're mostly about skinheads and sex and violence and death.’
    • ‘It subsequently moved to Germany where it became a focus of attempts to re-site the skinhead subculture in a cultural, rather than political, space.’
    • ‘Like other bands that emerged in response to the importation of the skinhead subculture, the Onkelz looked to England as a source of identity.’
    • ‘The skinhead subculture that was transmitted to Germany was not the original, but the revival.’
    • ‘This is about bringing together skinheads, national socialists and racist activists.’
    • ‘Every day witnesses new racist attacks, and the skinheads often kill their victims.’
    • ‘In my period you were either a hippie or a skinhead, so I grew my hair long and listened to heavy metal.’
    • ‘I strongly believe that we are all racist, in some way, that the skinhead lurks in all of us.’
    • ‘The hockey hair gang will not go for the whole skinhead thing, so it had to be anarchists.’
    • ‘The images of violence did not depict skinhead thugs battling with the police and their truncheons.’
    • ‘While skinhead groups are relatively rare, racist attitudes toward the Rom persist among many Slovaks.’
    • ‘White soldiers include the Aryan Brotherhood, Nazi skinheads, the KKK and other groups.’
    • ‘At the camps, thousands of skinheads and neo-Nazis are trained in military techniques.’
    • ‘They asked me about the skinheads and wouldn't believe me about the demons.’