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Pronunciation /ˈskɪni/

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adjectiveadjective skinnier, adjective skinniest

  • 1(of a person or part of their body) unattractively or unusually thin.

    ‘his skinny arms’
    • ‘I was a skinny kid, not athletic or anything, but I wanted to go to the parties with the football players and stuff.’
    • ‘These are the concerns that skinny people never have to think about.’
    • ‘She sees skinny people on TV and in magazines and wants to look like them, but getting there is beyond her.’
    • ‘When they were forced by the scientists to gain weight, the skinny people still kept up their fidgety ways.’
    • ‘I didn't know then that one of my sisters had an eating disorder, that she in her skinny body, hated herself as much as I did.’
    • ‘He was fairly skinny with grey hair and a bald patch at the very top of his head.’
    • ‘Everyone tells me I'm too skinny, but I say I'm not.’
    • ‘A very skinny girl wandered in silently a few seconds later.’
    • ‘Among them was a very skinny, red-haired girl.’
    • ‘Here, have some bread, have some cheese, don't be so skinny.’
    • ‘I think it's ridiculous that they have to be so skinny.’
    • ‘He's a really skinny guy, but man, can he eat.’
    • ‘"I'm a vegan and I looked awfully skinny at one point, " she explains.’
    • ‘Parson wondered if Ryder would get mad if he gave her some food, she looked awfully skinny.’
    • ‘I like skinny boys with dark hair too.’
    • ‘She was short and skinny with long blonde hair and big blue eyes.’
    • ‘They gnaw on their own bones to make themselves skinny.’
    • ‘Is Hallie still trying to make herself skinny?’
    • ‘She had blonde hair, green eyes, and was extremely tall and skinny for her age.’
    • ‘He could do many, many things, although he was small and skinny for his age.’
    thin, scrawny, scraggy, bony, angular, raw-boned, hollow-cheeked, gaunt, as thin as a rake, skin-and-bones, sticklike, size-zero, emaciated, skeletal, pinched, undernourished, underfed
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  • 2(of a garment) tight-fitting.

    ‘a skinny jumper’
    • ‘I mean, we all love the polo shirt for being the epitome of preppiness, but one can only have so many skinny polo shirts in multiple colors right?’
    • ‘According to Baker, too much sodium can make your skinny skirts trickier to zip up, especially in the week prior to menstruation.’
    • ‘His garments of choice are skinny white T-shirts with a stripe of red paint across, and cute indie-boy fringes.’
    • ‘She would turn up at school in yellow skinny rib jumpers, Oxford bags, two tone stack heeled clogs, smock coats and the like.’
    • ‘So, if you're doing a wide, long skirt, wear a skinny T-shirt or fitted cardigan on top.’
    • ‘He rifled through ridiculously short skirts, skinny rib tops and well-shrunk jeans until he found two thin fashion belts and two summer scarves.’
    • ‘Pale-skinned performance artists in skinny black shirts roamed the convention center.’
    • ‘Wear this bra under strapless tops and skinny tanks.’
    • ‘You know, they have to go to the hairdresser, to the nail thing, to do makeup, and then they fit in their skinny dresses.’
    • ‘Capes, big brass buttons, skinny knits belted over print dresses, together with marvellously subtle colour combinations made for one of the most beautiful collections in Milan.’
    1. 2.1(of a pair of jeans or trousers) tight-fitting and with very narrow legs.
      ‘in the winter I live in skinny jeans and boots’
      • ‘I love jeans—either bootcut or skinny’
      • ‘a pair of skinny cords’
      • ‘The really big shock is how little goes with skinny jeans.’
      • ‘Q. I'm trying to find a pair of skinny jeans to tuck into a pair of cool boots I have.’
      • ‘Personally, I think the best way to wear skinny jeans is to pair them with long shirts or short shift dresses.’
      • ‘I have been trying in vain for the past few months to find a pair of skinny jeans that are not low-rise.’
      • ‘He goes jogging and wears cool shades; she wears Prada and looks great in skinny jeans.’
      • ‘On days when I feel that nothing works, and I long for my old skinny jeans, accessories are the best therapy.’
      • ‘I've found it the most flattering and comfortable way to wear skinny jeans.’
      • ‘Where can I buy skinny black jeans like the ones Pete Doherty wears?’
      • ‘I just need to get small enough so that I can fit into my "skinny" jeans again.’
      • ‘Am I too old to wear: a) a pencil skirt, b) skinny jeans tucked into boots, c) smart cut-off trousers?’
      • ‘Sophisticated cigarette pants with ankle zips will gain acceptance and as will sexy skinny, second skin fitting trousers as close as leggings.’
      • ‘Narrow fitted suits with skinny trousers and ties are back.’
      • ‘Skinny drainpipe jeans and trousers will soon be the next pants style to adopt, so think carefully when making future new trouser purchases.’
      • ‘Now Im older I don't follow the vagaries of fashion: my look tends to be skinny flat-front trousers with a long-sleeve American Apparel T-shirt and a V-neck cashmere jumper.’
      • ‘Check out his uptown vixen look of rhinestone-studded bra tops worn with skinny pants.’
      • ‘The silhouette continues to be long tops and skinny pants.’
      • ‘I am loving those skinny black plaid pants.’
      • ‘The Beatles made skinny pants and collarless jackets the rage!’
  • 3 informal (of coffee) made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

    • ‘one skinny latte to go, please’
    • ‘Ultimately, Jessica's relationship dilemma feels about as agonising as choosing between a skinny decaf latte and a grande mochaccino.’
    • ‘Or just grab a skinny cappuccino or latte for a low-calorie warm drink.’
    • ‘Some of us even want a skinny mocha decaff latte with a twist.’
    • ‘I know your music isn't much chop but you're a nice girl, and I'd gladly shout you a skinny decaf latte.’
    • ‘I wouldn't go in there, though, to the truck stop and ask for a skinny decaf soy latte.’
    • ‘Our more cosseted generation is more likely to spend its Saturday afternoons sipping skinny lattes in city centre coffee bars.’
    • ‘Ten years ago we didn't just hang out in coffee bars, paying more for a skinny cappuccino than we did for real drinks.’
    • ‘The sight of several toffs sipping skinny lattes in the crowd suggest those Arsenal fans made it in.’
    • ‘Is there no escape from skinny lattes and froth?’
    • ‘Would Steve McQueen have been a skinny latte man?’
    • ‘Sipping a skinny mocha, I looked out over the car park, watching families arriving and leaving.’
    • ‘The daughter of an Aberdeen oilman, you could imagine her drinking skinny lattes over a copy of Vogue.’
    • ‘Despite MTV, skinny lattes and text-messaging, third millennium Tarry Flynns do emerge.’
    • ‘A GM double-decaff skinny latte will not be available for several years.’
    • ‘Instead, they're like some dangerous cult, full of bow-legged, wiry weirdos in garish outfits, fuelled on sour dough toast and skinny latte.’
    • ‘We wonder what the response would be if we went in and asked for a skinny hazelnut latte.’

nounplural noun skinnies

  • 1A skinny person.

    • ‘You "skinnies" may not understand the full scope of what's happened here.’
    • ‘The problem is that skinnies aren't considered "real" women.’
    • ‘Only once did I hear a soldier make a disparaging remark (young and stupid, he referred to the undernourished locals as "the skinnies").’
    • ‘I'd also point out, to all those superior skinnies, that it's a lot easier to stay skinny than to get that way.’
    • ‘Part of the pull is in working out quite how the skinnies retain their fatless figures.’
    • ‘A lap through Woolies today made me wonder if the fatties had eaten the skinnies.’
    • ‘Not the picture of Aussie health we're accustomed to locally, she looks like one of those stock-standard European skinnies with her gaunt face, drab hair and stick legs.’
    • ‘The magazine rolls out the proverbial red-carpet to welcome the young Brit into its club of fashionable skinnies with an exclusive cover picture.’
    • ‘I am all for bringing models back, so long as magazines go to the effort to feature images of healthy 'normal' types alongside the skinnies.’
    • ‘While still natural-born skinnies, they have the presence and fleshy strength of a mature woman.’
    • ‘People moan about the skinnies on TV.’
    • ‘'The Skinnies' are celebs whose primary goal in life is to maintain a weight under 50 kgs.’
  • 2skinniesA pair of skinny jeans or trousers.

    • ‘if you're tired of squeezing into your skinnies, bell-bottoms and flares are back in fashion’
    • ‘The weather today is absolutely glorious and I thought I'd take the opportunity to debut my new Topshop skinnies and sunglasses.’
    • ‘They were selling jeans really cheap as well, but I could only find skinnies.’
    • ‘How dim was I to think my skinnies would go with last autumn's shrunken tweed jacket?’
    • ‘Not only are you stuck with your God-given leg length when in skinnies (no more hiding heels under hems) but your feet are given exaggerated prominence.’
    • ‘I'm very tempted to rifle through my wardrobe and break out my denim jacket to wear with my black skinnies and black tee.’
    • ‘I got two pairs of jeans - boot leg and skinnies - overalls, a blue skirt, a yellow top with a skull beaded on it and sunglasses for $350 which really (in my opinion) is amazing!’
    • ‘Skinnies are so squeezed in, so uncompromising.’
    • ‘Hmm, she says to self, new black skinnies and a couple of minor wardrobe additions and I could totally pull this off.’
    • ‘She does always look super-cute in her skinnies and shades.’
    • ‘If you do want to look slimmer, wear skinnies!’
  • 3the skinnyUS Confidential information on a particular person or topic.

    • ‘net managers who want the skinny on the latest in computer security’
    • ‘You must possess a wonderful memory, not only for statistics and the inside skinny, but also for anecdotes.’
    • ‘For those of you with regular jobs, here's the skinny.’
    • ‘Here is the skinny on the matter from the Guardian.’
    • ‘Entertainment correspondent Sibila Vargas has the skinny.’
    • ‘If you're interested in finding out what's going on, as well as read some first hand accounts by bloggers, then Glenn has the skinny.’
    • ‘He's got the skinny on about $10 million stashed away in an Amsterdam vault.’
    • ‘A crooked city councilman gives Tony the skinny on waterfront developments that are about to transpire in Newark.’
    • ‘You've already mega-clued your guy into how much you dig him by sharing the skinny with everyone you both know.’
    • ‘While waiting for him to come back, I called Christine to give her the skinny on what was going on.’
    • ‘To fortify your defenses, the News talked to a few local experts to get the skinny on how to have a healthy - and slimmer - 2004.’
    • ‘Here's the skinny on the two basic types of paint.’
    • ‘Max is at the press conference and has the skinny.’
    • ‘You wanted to know about strength, so here's the skinny.’
    • ‘Or maybe you'd like the skinny on the game of the week in the SEC.’
    • ‘And ‘In Style’ got the skinny on what it takes to get Hollywood's finest red carpet ready.’
    • ‘Last week I gave you the skinny on a few Singlespeed alternatives to the 2003 World Championships.’
    • ‘What say I cut to the chase, Gentle Reader, and just give you the skinny on how this plays out, hmm?’
    • ‘Here's the skinny on the amount of protein in some standard serving sizes of our favorite bodybuilding dairy foods.’
    • ‘Here's the skinny on what you can get today - and a preview of technology to come.’
    • ‘One of the best ways to get the skinny on a company is to network with colleagues and decision makers.’