Meaning of skip zone in English:

skip zone


  • The annular region round a broadcasting station where neither direct nor reflected waves are received.

    ‘The extent of the skip zone varies in area depending on frequency, location, season and time of day.’
    • ‘The skip zone refers to the area where groundwave propagation ends and skywave propagation begins.’
    • ‘The critical angle varies with the degree of ionisation and generally results in larger skip zones at night.’
    • ‘The skip zone gets less defined and disappears the farther you go from the transmitter, however.’
    • ‘In so doing, the skip zone will be moved to favour the distance one is trying to work.’
    • ‘What really matters is that our station and that of the DX are in corresponding skip zones, right?’
    • ‘The camera will also slew to alarms from the unattended ground sensors placed in radar skip zones.’
    • ‘The path of HF radiation can take several hops before reaching the receiver, creating skip zones between the hops.’
    • ‘What we need is propagation that covers from about 10 miles up to 400 miles with no skip zones.’
    • ‘At random times during the year this skip zone can extend to 1,000 miles.’
    • ‘The ionospheric layers will reflect this energy in an umbrella-type pattern with no skip zone.’
    • ‘This skip zone is the area between the maximum ground wave distance and the shortest sky wave distance where no communications are possible.’
    • ‘The coverage websites aren't always right because skip zones (areas of no signal) vary with the weather.’
    • ‘The principal difference is that the NVIS has no skip zone, which is what makes it so useable for close-in communications.’
    • ‘Remember I am mining the 7 to 9 skip zones and there is nothing that will come up on that day that would be shown on the isolators.’