Meaning of skipping rope in English:

skipping rope

Pronunciation /ˈskɪpɪŋ ˌrəʊp/


  • A length of rope used for skipping, typically with a handle at each end.

    North American term jump rope

    ‘We had special skipping ropes with painted wooden handles, shaped for hands to get a firm grip.’
    • ‘The children's only toys were discarded plastic strips, which they had ingeniously made into skipping ropes.’
    • ‘In the 1970s he sold hundreds of skipping ropes made from old Yorkshire mill bobbins to American customers.’
    • ‘We had skipping ropes, played elastics and street rounders, and sometimes that ball really hurt.’
    • ‘I can remember jumping a skipping rope to this children's rhyme and wondering about the significance of these two exotic names.’
    • ‘Josi, the young kangaroo, has very large feet and is depressed and embarrassed that she can't use a skipping rope.’
    • ‘And besides, she can take you down with a skipping rope from ten yards, so it's really not worth it.’
    • ‘Now don't laugh, but I always have a skipping rope with me when I go on holiday.’
    • ‘Then I remembered that Blades had given me a skipping rope a year ago which I'd never used.’
    • ‘Steph, why did you bring those skipping ropes?’
    • ‘I'd come out with the milk bottles, and she'd walk beside me with her skipping rope, whirling it around her head like a lasso.’
    • ‘The skipping rope dances were a source of amazement to me - such intricate twists and turns and such determined faces.’
    • ‘I didn't go near a gym, a skipping rope or a pair of boxing gloves.’
    • ‘All I need is a hat with a bow, a long winter dress and a skipping rope, and I could be Mary.’
    • ‘It required a skipping rope and a pair of dumbells, which I dutifully went out and purchased.’
    • ‘It even had a photo of a young Carlton, skipping rope in hand, next to the article.’
    • ‘The movement of turbine blades through the air produces a swishing sound, similar to a cane or skipping rope.’
    • ‘I like this skipping rope very much even though it lacks ball bearings in the handles.’