Meaning of skirr in English:


Pronunciation /skəː/


rare no object, with adverbial of direction
  • Move rapidly, especially with a whirring sound.

    ‘five dark birds rose skirring away’
    • ‘His chuckle was as affable and reassuring as the skirr of a buzz-saw.’
    • ‘Only two days on the job, but 18-year-old Talia already knows the drill as her green mountain bike skirrs over potholes in turbid laneways.’
    • ‘Whereupon, a spandrel skirrs, having put the ‘maze’ in paronomasia.’
    dash, dart, run, sprint, race, rush, hurry, hasten, hare, hurtle, bolt, shoot, charge, career, speed, fly, whizz, zoom


Mid 16th century perhaps related to scour or scour.