Meaning of skirting table in English:

skirting table


  • (in sheep shearing) a table on which newly shorn fleeces are trimmed.

    ‘they were busy sweeping the tailings and picking up the last of the wool tufts on the skirting table’
    • ‘He tosses a fleece onto the skirting table at a shearing.’
    • ‘The best way to do this is to spread the fleece out, with the outside up and the inside down, on a skirting table.’
    • ‘Carry the shorn fleece away and throw it onto the skirting table.’
    • ‘The force used to throw the fleece should only be enough to carry the neck end to the far end of the skirting table.’
    • ‘While working on a skirting table, most growers easily pick out the quality fleeces and the less valuable.’