Meaning of skullcap in English:



  • 1A small close-fitting peakless cap.

    • ‘They wore close-fitting crocheted skullcaps that were noticed by others.’
    • ‘On their heads, they wore white knitted skullcaps, silken headscarves or baseball caps.’
    • ‘Men in white shoulder-to-ankle gowns and skullcaps were selling their furniture, appliances, and clothing to feed their families.’
    • ‘The attire of its male members, with their black skullcaps, is the strong symbol of the community's identity.’
    • ‘He wiped the sweat from under his hat and swiftly put on a little skullcap, then stroked his short white beard.’
    • ‘Instead of a crown, Arvid wore a knitted skullcap with holes for his ears to poke through.’
    • ‘The overhead lights bathed a sea of shining hair, flowing scarves, and skullcaps.’
    • ‘Men wear silk or cotton embroidered skullcaps (duppi).’
    • ‘The stands are expected to be a sea of blue Vodacom Challenge skullcaps, which will be given to the first 25 000 fans to arrive.’
    • ‘For those of us concerned not only with functional equipment but also looking good, the skullcap will prevent the dreaded helmet hair look.’
    • ‘Men wear the doppilar, a small, square black skullcap.’
    • ‘The Chancellor, without cowl or skullcap, did look very young, after all.’
    • ‘A gray skullcap covered his head, barely masking the long scar on his cheek.’
    • ‘So if your preference is something without a tail, the skullcap is your choice.’
    • ‘This morning, he didn't wear his skullcap and his hair was ruffled by the wind.’
    • ‘At the masquerade party, my head was covered with a black skullcap with cute little feline ears.’
    • ‘A tab-like projection on the center of a carved skullcap served to hold a headdress of animal skins and feathers.’
    1. 1.1A protective helmet, in particular one worn by jockeys or horse riders.
      • ‘The group applied to the foundation for cash to buy special leg protectors, stirrups, skullcaps and riding gloves.’
      • ‘You can imagine my disappointment when I was issued with my flying suit, a dowdy navy blue number complete with fetching leather skullcap.’
      • ‘Next came the helmet, made of bronze with a iron skullcap.’
      • ‘Some sagacious musketeers wore metal skullcaps, called ‘secrets’, beneath their hats.’
  • 2The top part of the skull.

    • ‘In 1887, Eugene Dubois discovered a skullcap, a femur (thigh bone), and a molar in the same area.’
    • ‘In contrast to the exhumation chronicles, which claimed wooden skullcaps covered the sawn-off crowns, their skulls are intact.’
    • ‘In 1973, a hominid skullcap and two stone tools were found.’
  • 3A widely distributed plant of the mint family, whose tubular flowers have a helmet-shaped cup at the base.

    Genus Scutellaria, family Labiatae

    • ‘Other sleep promoting herbs include valerian, Californian poppy, skullcap, hops and passionflower.’
    • ‘Herbal supplements that can be toxic to the liver include kava, comfrey, chaparral, jin bu huan, kombucha tea, pennyroyal and skullcap.’
    • ‘Chamomile, oatstraw, and skullcap are examples.’
    • ‘For tension headaches, herbs such as passiflora, valerian and skullcap can eliminate pain.’
    • ‘I've started taking St. John's wort and skullcap.’
    • ‘If you have that reaction, try skullcap or passion flower instead.’
    • ‘Also, skullcap and passionflower are supposed to have sedative effects.’