Meaning of sky marshal in English:

sky marshal


  • An armed guard who travels incognito on certain commercial flights, trained to take action in the event of a hijack or other violent criminal action.

    ‘El Al puts at least one armed, plain clothes sky marshal on all its flights.’
    • ‘Still on the question of guns, are we going to feel safer with an armed sky marshal in Economy Class?’
    • ‘He was seated beside an armed sky marshal for that very reason.’
    • ‘His shoes were examined and he was seated in the back of the plane near a sky marshal.’
    • ‘Security is the primary job of a sky marshal; they're expected to learn how to use a gun.’
    • ‘The problem is, if a sky marshal has a weapon and someone takes over the plane, there could be danger of overreaction.’
    • ‘An on-board sky marshal detained the individual and the plane landed safely.’
    • ‘You are going to let them believe you're a sky marshal?’
    • ‘A sky marshal claimed Mr Bizzaro gave a ‘thumbs-up’ gesture, which he interpreted as a signal to another passenger.’
    • ‘But how does it have a deterrent impact if you don't know who the sky marshal is, if they're dressed in regular clothes?’
    • ‘Just from you looking at somebody, you never know if that individual is really a passenger or a sky marshal.’
    • ‘Airlines which were consulted during the security review had previously expressed anxiety about the sky marshal plan.’
    • ‘And we should have sky marshal for the safety of the passengers in that cabin.’
    • ‘Britain said on Sunday it would put armed sky marshals on some flights.’
    • ‘The government is preparing to grant permission for armed US sky marshals to fly on transatlantic flights.’
    • ‘So far, only Virgin Atlantic (in Britain) have agreed to let armed sky marshals onto their planes.’
    • ‘Better that a few trained sky marshals or pilots have arms and the rest of us be disarmed.’
    • ‘We've had a lot of talk about sky marshals battling terrorists in the air.’
    • ‘Can armed sky marshals handle an attack inside the cockpit?’