Meaning of Skye terrier in English:

Skye terrier

Pronunciation /skʌɪˈtɛrɪə/


  • A small long-haired terrier of a slate-coloured or fawn-coloured Scottish breed.

    ‘Underneath her skirt, a small dog, a Skye terrier, was seen.’
    • ‘The Skye terrier, who followed his master's remains as they were taken to be buried at Greyfriars, watched over the grave for 14 years until his death.’
    • ‘In Atkinson's book Bobby is a Skye terrier, but Figg said there are no contemporary references to the breed.’
    • ‘I thought he was a mongrel, so I put that in a book and I got furious letters from people saying he was a Skye terrier.’