Meaning of Skype in English:


Pronunciation /skʌɪp/


[with object]
  • Have a spoken conversation with (someone) over the internet using the software application Skype, typically also viewing by webcam.

    ‘my parents want to know when is a good time to Skype me’
    • ‘the point was to chat and Skype with co-workers and friends’
    • ‘Tracey Skyped me later to check it out - at least she gave it the thumbs up.’
    • ‘Again, these are just my guesses based on the small percentage of readers that I've met/emailed/skyped.’
    • ‘Roland has Skyped me several times concerning the events of the day and although I promised to write more about it, I haven't.’
    • ‘I just skyped with a friend in the US (very few people today online) and she said it was a global problem, since the US also saw a slowdown.’
    • ‘I just skyped with one of the contributers of this group blog, who told me he is translating some of my articles into Chinese.’
    • ‘Wi-Fi Skype phones have been around for some time, so you don't have to be tied to your home or desktop when Skyping.’
    • ‘It's an interesting perspective, and I thank you for coming on and Skyping with us.’
    • ‘Luckily for us, there was a hot spot at the international terminal and we whiled away the afternoon and evening skyping with friends and family.’
    • ‘So in the mean time I will keep Tweeting and Facebooking and Skyping and hope one day to feel connections that are real and true and beyond some illusory Second Life’
    • ‘In the same way that they can listen to music while watching TV, texting, Skyping and doing their homework, they can choose which elements of a celebrity or a lifestyle they wish to embrace and which they don't.’
    • ‘I said maybe we should Skype him immediately so that he feels homesick for parmesan straws and aubergine dip.’
    • ‘We've been able to Skype with just a few people.’
    • ‘He went to bed so late, so I don't know if I'm going to get a chance to Skype with him tonight.’
    • ‘Skype has some nice buttons that allow people to skype you in one click, only in China that service is blocked.’
    • ‘Consumers do not want to carry numerous single-purpose gadgets and are choosing devices with more functions, such as the iPad 2 with front and back cameras and the ability to Skype.’
    • ‘Please don't Skype us personally about the broadcast, just click that link and follow the instructions.’


Early 21st century from Skype, the proprietary name of a software application and VoIP service.