Meaning of skywalk in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskʌɪwɔːk/


  • A covered overhead walkway between buildings.

    ‘The Bangalore City Corporation will now take up 28 more skywalks in the city to help pedestrians cross busy roads and junctions.’
    • ‘I saw her come across the skywalk, and I said, ‘Hey, look, there's Lori.’’
    • ‘We walked from the hotel across the skywalk (whatever they call those things) to The Plaza of the Americas.’
    • ‘By the time the government opened up a skywalk to let people visit the site, I'd had enough.’
    • ‘The skywalks, which some felt would been seen as barriers to the square from the outside, will now flank the streets instead of straddling across the streets.’
    • ‘The precinct would encompass a street underpass, four skywalks joining buildings and underground parking.’
    • ‘They only let people thirteen or older take the cautious trip, down three major roads, to traverse the skywalk over the highway.’
    • ‘The female protagonist, Hsiang-chi, buys a watch from street vendor Hsiao-kang on the skywalk, before going to Paris.’
    • ‘Chen Shiang-chyi's character meets watch vendor Lee Kang-sheng's character on a skywalk in Taipei before she leaves for Paris.’
    • ‘He only awoke from the stunner darts this morning, two days after his arrest on the skywalk in Old Baltimore.’
    • ‘The Sauer Street building will be linked to 5 Simmonds Street by a skywalk.’
    • ‘I landed the car, repelled down to the skywalk, entered the skywalk, and found the bodies.’
    • ‘The sidewalk turned to concrete for a few yards, leading to an escalator and a skywalk going over the street.’
    • ‘Ryiron got off from the ruined skywalk and didn't know what to say to his buddy.’
    • ‘At Des Moines' innovative Downtown School, parents can drop off their kids and then walk to work through the toasty skywalk system.’
    • ‘The most urgent need in the precinct is for a 5,000 seat plenary facility and to achieve this they propose a skywalk link to the Convention Centre.’
    • ‘The university's new Learning Connection is located in Suite 200 of the Locust Center, 700 Locust St., and on the Des Moines skywalk.’
    • ‘The new Hoover Hall is linked to phase I of the complex, Howe Hall, by the university's first skywalk.’