Meaning of slab avalanche in English:

slab avalanche


  • An avalanche formed by a sheet of snow breaking along a fracture line.

    ‘A massive slab avalanche had broken off above them, causing the entire bowl to release.’
    • ‘Nothing is worse than the slow grinding of a wet slab avalanche breaking your body to pieces.’
    • ‘It is, however, the dry avalanche, and in particular the dry slab avalanche, that is of primary concern to anyone evaluating the importance of avalanches as a natural hazard.’
    • ‘Thus, shady leeward slopes often have weak layers beneath cakes of windblown snow - a perfect recipe for a slab avalanche.’
    • ‘A crown fracture line marks the point at which a fissure ripped across a slope in excess of 300 mph, unleashing a hard slab avalanche.’
    • ‘Loose snow avalanches are common, especially after new snow accumulations; slab avalanches are uncommon.’
    • ‘From the warm bunks inside the St. Paul Lodge, at 11,500 feet, you can talk surface hoar and slab avalanches with AAI's wilderness pros.’