Meaning of slag wool in English:

slag wool


mass noun
  • Mineral wool made from blast-furnace slag.

    ‘Roxul, a European company, produces a mineral wool insulation containing equal amounts of rock wool and slag wool.’
    • ‘Most mineral wool made in the United States is actually slag wool.’
    • ‘Rock wool or slag wool loose-fill insulation is often used for insulating existing walls and ceilings in mobile homes.’
    • ‘In addition, the use of rock and slag wool as a horticultural growing medium has increased in recent years.’
    • ‘Thus, the proposed method has not demonstrated the utility of slag wool as a successful signature constituent.’
    • ‘Most Canadian occupational health and safety laws and regulations are completely inadequate to protect rock wool and slag wool workers from risk.’
    • ‘Rock and slag wool insulation products play a significant energy-savings role by reducing energy use.’
    • ‘Are rock and slag wool insulation products safe to use?’
    • ‘If slag wool and other traces of toxic soot are identified, the government has said, it will offer to clean the site and possibly the entire building.’