Meaning of slam-bang in English:


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informal mainly North American
  • 1Exciting and energetic.

    • ‘a slam-bang action cartoon’
    • ‘It may make for slam-bang entertainment in the film industry's home state.’
    • ‘One more ounce of metaphysics and it would have been stupid; one less ounce, it would have been empty slam-bang eye candy.’
    • ‘There are no such problems here; from the film's slam-bang opening, to its brilliant closing moments, there's not a wasted shot or scene.’
    • ‘Granted, it still wasn't a great slam-bang action flick.’
    • ‘For a real slam-bang ending, express doubt as to which election is more obviously a farcical fiction designed to promote corporate interests.’
    • ‘And Carla Khan is good with some terrific slam-bang winner to go with good movement and great court sense.’
    • ‘After this slam-bang production, the next is sure to be a huge letdown.’
    • ‘The hilarious gags come at a slam-bang pace, and they're occasionally edgy.’
    • ‘If slam-bang mainstream thrills are more your cup of tea, you could do much worse than giving Joy Ride a whirl.’
    • ‘Had about a half hour been trimmed from it, The Rookie may have been a slam-bang action flick.’
    • ‘Clearly, he is more than the slam-bang type we thought him to be when he first broke into the international scene.’
    1. 1.1With no niceties, subtleties, or restraints; direct and forceful.
      ‘the slam-bang world of daily journalism’
      • ‘Greener-grass suspicions aside, the comment refreshed for me this good old view of America, one usually yoked to the very slam-bang action and bustling small-town communities avoided by the director.’
      • ‘The slam-bang boredom created by these glorified grunge grunts is almost unlistenable.’
      • ‘And those consequences, thanks to some slam-bang special effects, are completely devastating.’


informal mainly North American
  • Suddenly and forcefully or violently.

    • ‘I walked slam-bang into this character’
    • ‘On Friday, though, for all its colour, flair and energy, his playing was often incoherent, self-indulgent and slam-bang crass.’