Meaning of slangily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslaŋɪli/


See slangy

‘Because so much of it came into England via the port of Bristol, it was slangily called Bristol milk.’
  • ‘One thing I admire about the French educational system is their focus on the study of philosophy (or philo, as they say slangily).’
  • ‘We slangily call a fat, old-fashioned watch a turnip; but the first watches were very much fatter and more old-fashioned, and might fairly have deserved the name.’
  • ‘She may write self-consciously from time to time, as do most debut novelists, but more often her prose has an individual, slangily poetic zip.’
  • ‘In 1934 three public enemies were killed by FBI special agents (slangily called ‘G-men’), who became an overnight sensation.’