Meaning of slant-eyed in English:




  • (of a person) having slanting eyes (often used as an insult towards people of Japanese or Chinese origin)

    ‘you slant-eyed git!’
    • ‘his neat, slant-eyed Slavonic face’
    • ‘I am tired of Asian Americans depicted as combinations of karate fighting, slant-eyed servants who speak broken English.’
    • ‘Wu argues that the shift from overachieving striver to inscrutable slant-eyed foreigner - from one stereotypical extreme to the other - is still far too easily made.’
    • ‘With a single movement, he whirled, caught the slant-eyed boy by the collar and tossed him over the cliff edge and into the harbor nearly fifty feet away.’
    • ‘His style owed little to the prevailing influence of classical art; if anything, his slant-eyed, inscrutable figures have closer affinities with Piero della Francesca's style.’
    • ‘A cartoon on the front cover depicted him as a slant-eyed Satan, placing pink-shaded eyeglasses on unwitting schoolchildren.’