Meaning of slap on in English:

slap on

phrasal verb

  • 1slap something on, slap on somethingApply something to a surface quickly or carelessly.

    ‘slap on a bit of make-up’
    • ‘I just slapped on a coat of paint’
    fling, throw, toss, sling, slam, bang
    daub, plaster, spread
  • 2slap something on someone or somethingImpose a fine or other penalty on a person or organization.

    ‘the government had slapped an embargo on imports’
    • ‘wardens will slap a fine on anyone for the slightest violation of the law’
    • ‘The mum of a disabled boy today hit out at a parking warden who slapped a fine on their specially adapted car - because it overhung the bay.’
    • ‘The parking wardens have no problem and are very quick at slapping fines on people who park illegally around Portlaoise.’
    • ‘The get tough stance comes just a few weeks after parking attendants in the town were criticised for slapping fines on coaches picking up children from a Christmas pantomime.’
    • ‘The Corporation is, in fact, contemplating of slapping fines on those who refuse to take up the rainwater harvesting.’
    • ‘School chiefs in Swindon have been told to slap fines on parents or even put them in jail if their children play truant from school.’
    • ‘If we dare to not be as accountable as they demand they will slap heavy fines on us.’
    • ‘Now, all it takes is a watchful sanitation worker to slap a fine on the offender.’
    • ‘Earlier this year Ottawa unveiled a draft law that proposed slapping fines on those possessing small amounts of the drug.’
    • ‘The Optical Council slapped its harshest sanction on its member and struck his name from the register.’
    • ‘Both were later freed after rebellion charges slapped against the two were dropped.’
    • ‘Councillors have slapped a tree preservation order on parts of the old Turner's site.’
    impose, levy, put on, add