Meaning of slap someone on the back in English:

slap someone on the back


  • Congratulate someone.

    ‘the group has been slapping itself on the back after its success’
    • ‘I simply will not tolerate this injustice on their behalf, yet do you see queues of harpies slapping me on the back and congratulating me?’
    • ‘But I recognized bodies around me, slapping me on the back and congratulating me as I made my way back to my seat at the back of the room.’
    • ‘Now, go slap Alex on the back in congratulations while I go look at this.’
    • ‘People congratulated him, shaking his hand, slapping him on the back.’
    • ‘But they give you a kick in the shins and then tell you that they're slapping you on the back.’
    • ‘And slapping them on the back and handing them a Medicare ‘Gold Card’ may seal the deal for oldies and their aspirational offspring.’
    • ‘And all of a sudden all these people from the past are reappearing, and slapping me on the back, and I can't work out if they're completely oblivious to the agony they are causing me.’
    • ‘When you are doing well there are always plenty of people around to slap you on the back but you can feel pretty lonely when you are sidelined and not involved in the action.’
    • ‘Bruce, if you are reading this, I want to slap you on the back.’