Meaning of slashed in English:


Pronunciation /slaʃt/


  • (of a garment) having slits to show the lining material or skin beneath.

    ‘she wore slashed jeans’
    • ‘From surreal puffball skirts to bulbous tops and slashed skirts, his clothes are not for the timid.’
    • ‘In my mind I see her in her black sleeveless jacket over her gray slashed dress, with her characteristic smirk and scars on her arms.’
    • ‘Looking tanned after a short holiday in Spain and wearing a denim mini skirt, black slashed top and stilettoes, she said she preferred performing live to being in the studio.’
    • ‘Rembrandt has a quizzical, jesting expression, as well he may, in view of his wondrous hat and slashed leather jerkin, ornate with glass beads.’
    • ‘He placed his hands on it and looked over it, seeing a foot sticking out from under the tree, and a leg obscured by slashed jeans.’
    • ‘Ashlee had finally chosen a dark mini-skirt and a black blouse with flowing, slashed sleeves that exposed her arms.’
    • ‘A blue slashed plait shirt and tight brown trousers, ending with boots made of hard leather completed the rest of his attire.’
    • ‘The singer shows us ponchos have a grungy side by teaming this slouchy slashed top with pink cords.’