Meaning of slaveholder in English:



  • A person who owned slaves.

    • ‘But as long as the political monopoly of the slaveholders was broken, enfranchised blacks would have the power to prevent the re-emergence of aristocracy and inequality.’
    • ‘Other critics, North and South, blamed slavery for encouraging an aristocratic love of luxurious leisure and a despotic temperament among the slaveholders.’
    • ‘For nearly a century, Congress regulated slavery's existence and protected the property rights slaveholders claimed to have over their human chattel.’
    • ‘The same misguided values that have made slaveholders, Indian-killers, and militarists the heroes of our history books still operate today.’
    • ‘For instance, many of the ‘fathers’ of our constitution were rich, white, male landholders and slaveholders.’
    • ‘Were it not for the brave soldiers who liberated my father from Dachau, and my mother and her family from the Nazi slaveholders, I would not be here today.’
    • ‘He would stand against the slaveholders unless they happened to be powerful, wealthy Northerners like Jefferson and Washington.’
    • ‘Likewise, slaveholders and non-slaveholders discounted the labor of other bound workers, as well as wives and children.’
    • ‘You're going to do the same thing those slaveholders did, put a money price on something that can't possibly be quantified in that way.’
    • ‘They accept Washington and Jefferson as slaveholders rather than as lawgivers of genius.’
    • ‘Overall we can think of the slaveholder as more able and more eager to get more slaves.’
    • ‘Worse still, Massachusetts Antifederalists expected their representatives to offer little resistance against slaveholders ' corrupting influence.’
    • ‘State laws barred such removal of soon-to-be-free slaves, but New York slaveholders and out-of-state slave traders regularly engaged in such illegal behavior.’
    • ‘Men from the mountains and the coast, rich and poor, slaveholders and nonslaveholders, urbanites and rural residents all pledged their lives to defend the antebellum South.’
    • ‘Then there's the question of who would be responsible for paying up - the U.S. government, corporations, or individual descendants of slaveholders.’
    • ‘As we shall see, black river workers and their riverside friends were at the root of innumerable problems slaveholders faced in the thriving commercial economy of the antebellum West.’
    • ‘Free trade would allow European competitors to drive out Virginia's white mechanics, increasing the political power of cotton-state slaveholders.’
    • ‘Brisbane eventually sold his field hands as an act of divestiture for the sake of conscience, which only exacerbated animosity as it pricked the consciences of other slaveholders.’
    • ‘In defense, embattled slaveholders clung ever more fiercely to a paternalistic rhetoric that posited slaves as inherently inferior and permanently dependent.’
    • ‘Some have suggested that slaveholders had to compromise their authority in order to go to war, and that the upshot of industrialization must have been the diminution of planter power.’