Meaning of sleep-away camp in English:

sleep-away camp


  • A summer camp at which children stay overnight.

    ‘she's spending her first summer at sleep-away camp’
    • ‘There was also a Zoroastrian sleep-away camp in San Jose for a week every summer.’
    • ‘Almost 10,000 summer camps exist in the U.S. (about 60 percent are sleep-away camps) with over 6 million children attending camp each summer.’
    • ‘I'm reminded of that today as we drive Ariel and a friend off to a sleep-away camp four hours from home.’
    • ‘For these kids, day camp might be a good stepping stone until they're more ready for sleep-away camp.’
    • ‘These can include spending one night at a friend's house or going to day camp before sleep-away camp.’
    • ‘If your children aren't ready for a sleep-away camp, you can keep them fit and entertained over the summer with a gymnastics camp run by the International Gymnastics Club.’
    • ‘The dependent care credit may not be claimed for sleep-away camp, even if you send your child there so you can work.’
    • ‘It's extremely common: one study conducted at the University of California found that 83% of children who attended sleep-away camp experienced at least mild homesickness.’
    • ‘For many kids, attending sleep-away camp is their first real experience with leaving home, and they may greet the opportunity with excitement, fear, or a little of both.’
    • ‘You are taking a risk when you make the decision to work at any sleep-away camp for the summer, particularly if you have not grown up as a camper in that camp and do not know its physical surroundings or unique culture from first-hand experience.’
    • ‘The youth of Larchmont went off to college, the culmination of a clearly defined arc marked by karate lessons, sleep-away camps and SAT prep courses.’
    • ‘In the early, pre-shopping hours, thousands arrive to meet buses that will transport children to sleep-away camps all over the Northeast.’
    • ‘In our East Los Angeles working-class neighborhoods of the '50s and '60s, no one thought of summer vacations or sleep-away camps as a possibility.’
    • ‘They're not as likely to pay the high cost of tuition at sleep-away camps or other pricey programs.’
    • ‘There's something for everyone in the world of sleepaway camps.’
    • ‘Or perhaps you guys were bunkmates at sleepaway camp … or have been bumming around Beach City, where your families vacation all season.’
    • ‘As a thirteen-year-old, Jennifer was very anxious about her first sleepaway camp experience (a first extended separation from home).’
    • ‘You're at sleepaway camp, and you can pick any activities you want.’
    • ‘Still, each year I asked the children if they wanted to go to a sleepaway camp and with the exception of a couple of brief sports camps over the years, no one was interested.’
    • ‘This summer, for our 25th anniversary, we got both kids off to sleepaway camp, and took a cruise in the Baltic Sea.’