Meaning of sleep in in English:

sleep in

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phrasal verb

  • 1Remain asleep or in bed later than usual in the morning.

    ‘life assumes a different rhythm on the weekend; we sleep in, cut the grass, wash the car’
    • ‘I was too tired to get up and go to school for 8 in the morning so I just slept in.’
    • ‘Sunday mornings are for sleeping in, not for physical exertion with the pub footie team.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, my sleeping in this morning meant Katharine had to get her own breakfast.’
    • ‘The weather is clear, and crisp, it's not icy underfoot, and after a tiring week, we sleep in and miss the morning.’
    • ‘I let myself sleep in for ages this morning because I need all the energy I can get at the moment.’
    • ‘The next morning we all slept in, but when we got up we were ravenous.’
    • ‘Just because she had slept in on one morning did not mean that everybody had to be offensive.’
    • ‘We usually slept in Sunday mornings, waking just in time for her favorite cartoons.’
    • ‘As is my wont, I slept in this morning and made up for a few short nights earlier in the week.’
    • ‘I need to stop sleeping in on weekends, no matter how good it feels to do so.’
  • 2Sleep by night at one's place of work.

    • ‘he recalled the days when maids had to sleep in and were on call twenty-four hours a day’