Meaning of sleep like a log in English:

sleep like a log


(also sleep like a top)
  • Sleep very soundly.

    ‘I slept like a log until morning’
    • ‘He slept like a log for the best part of two hours.’
    • ‘I slept like a log, and made it in to the hospital just after 10 this morning.’
    • ‘When I'd finished the work, I crawled to my bed and slept like a log and then woke up ready for work again.’
    • ‘As far as he was concerned, he had slept like a log.’
    • ‘‘You may've murmured a couple of things but other than that you slept like a log,’ I lied.’
    • ‘From the first night, I slept like a log, waking early and refreshed.’
    • ‘She thinks that just because she sleeps like a log, everyone else must, too.’
    • ‘But, then again, I sleep like a log even when it is not one o'clock in the morning.’
    • ‘I slept like a log last night, for ten solid hours.’
    • ‘The beds were really comfortable and I slept like a log every night.’