Meaning of sleep together in English:

sleep together

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phrasal verb

  • (of two people) have sex or be involved in a sexual relationship.

    ‘they've been sleeping together for years’
    • ‘Noel and Ruby complicate their relationship even further by sleeping together.’
    • ‘And, well, we've also been sleeping together off and on, when neither of us are dating anyone else, for the past five years.’
    • ‘All I wanted was to stay friends and to get on with my life (which I couldn't do when we kept sleeping together).’
    • ‘However, it might not be surprising to find out that one of those guys thought we were more exclusive just because we were sleeping together.’
    • ‘Making a long story very short, we ended up sleeping together.’
    • ‘All across the school we were known for everything from sleeping together to modeling in nude photos.’
    • ‘I know he's turned down lots of other girls, so for him to feel ready to sleep with me, only me, really says a lot for his feelings.’
    • ‘But she had been really mad at me for not being willing to sleep with her.’
    • ‘I made it clear that I would like to sleep with her, but she was hesitant.’
    • ‘While you're there, don't sleep with her and don't behave like her boyfriend.’
    • ‘Between you and your brother you've slept with half the state!’